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"Dr. Kong was great, has years of experience are it shows by the depth of his knowledge and comforting confidence. I had H-pylori and colon cancer and after western medicine failed me, Dr. Kong was the one who started my on a true path of genuine health and healing. very sweet, caring, and humble human being!”

Ozo R., Ypsilanti, MI

Cancer Treatment Support

"Dr. Qingchun Kong is an extremely experienced Chinese doctor who is an expert in acupuncture. I received treatment from him on my dizziness, which is very effective. I had a dizziness problem which bothered me tremendously. After I received treatment from Dr. Qingchun Kong, I felt much better and my dizziness has been greatly reduced. My overall health condition has also been improved greatly.

Dr. Qingchun Kong treats his patients with great care. He carefully analyzed my condition and found the best way to cure my disease. I strongly recommend him.”

J. Moorhead, Clinton, MI

Dizziness Relief

"Dr. Kong has amazing sense of sensing improvement and deliver results. I have found my eczema already improving on the left chin. Right one was healed with acupuncture treatment.

He is treating simultaneously a few issues and seem to be improving.

Its like multiple specialist work at same time. Higly recmmend”

Vishnu S., Canton, MI

Eczema Treatment

"Dr. Qingchun Kong is an amazingly talented, immensely experienced and undeniably gifted professional. I was fortunate enough to be referred to and brought to Dr. Kong by a long time patient of his. Dr. Kong was instrumental in my recovery from an auto accident. He then continued to treat me throughout my rehabilitation. From severe muscle trauma to back pain to tendinitis. Dr. Kong has successfully, expertly and patiently treated my injuries and healed my body over the years. From being near bed ridden after a car accident to pushing my self too hard at the climbing gym years later. I am truly grateful to him for all of his care and grateful to the person who referred me to him, connecting me to the path of healing. Thank you both truly.”

Nathan K., Ann Arbor, MI

Auto Accident Recovery

"Prevented Hand Surgery, and helped to restore feeling in finger that had a severed nerve and vein. Dr. kong has been extremely Helpful in relieving trigger fingers in both hands, that were earmarked for surgery. He has also helped me to regain some of the feeling in a finger deeply cut by a power tool. The acupuncture even helped relieve lower back and hip pain that I had not even thought was treatable. He has helped relieve all of my pain and relieved the disabling trigger fingers. I initially was hesitant about acupuncture, but Dr Kong has made a believer of me. He is the real deal.”

Glenn K., Ann Arbor, MI

Alleviating Pain

"Dr. Qingchun Kong is really fantastic. I came to see Dr. Kong for my tennis elbow. Only several acupuncture treatments, my elbows went back to normal, I am so happy I can stretch straight and bend well, and my hand can hold grip. Then I tried to relieve my other uncomfortable conditions through this Chinese miracle. I have muscle tension at my left upper back, I feel pain when I turn my head to look at blind point at driving, just one time cupping glass treatment, I don't feel pain for several weeks. Another is my anxiety, I can feel my anxiety level dramatically reduced through his treatments. Thanks for his high professional skills. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kong.”

Hong X., Novi, MI

Alleviating Pain

"My partner came into see Dr. Kong after having a major stroke which required him to use a wheelchair and have catherization. After 2 visits , he no longer needed catherization and after 4 visits was using a walker and now, he is walking in for his treatments! Dr. Long has given my partner his life back to him!”

Susan B., Redford, MI

Stroke Recovery

"Dr. Kong (Qingchun) is a great Dr., he is kind and gracious. I always have some lightheadedness since I was very young, after just two treatments from Dr. Kong my lightheadedness was gone. Last year I had some health issues (I'm not going to detailing of medical issues here) I went to Dr. Kong for an acupuncture three times per week, and taking Chinese Herbal, my condition improved dramatically, during that time I didn't need to take any of pain killer and/or anti-nausea meds. Now I'm doing well and continuing seeing Dr. Kong few times per week to have the acupuncture maintaining my over all well being. I'm grateful to have known Dr. Kong. Strongly recommend! (please note his office is in Suite 110, there is young Kong PhD who was trained under my Dr. Kong two years ago has opened the office next to Dr. Kong, it made little confuse sometimes).”

Vivien C., Ann Arbor, MI

Overall Health

"I went to the clinic before and I talked with Dr. Kong. When I tired to heal my ankle there, he was really nice and patient. Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways from China to help patient heal. It has a very long time history. If people feel like their body uncomfortable, they should go and try acupuncture.”

Sonny Z., East Lansing, MI

Alleviating Pain

"You have been a lifesaver for me. After 35 years of fighting off pain for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year it's fantastic to be almost completely pain-free and I have extra energy as well! Thanks once again, Dr. Kong.”

J. Moorhead, Clinton, MI

Alleviating Pain

“Thank you so much for helping me and my husband to bring our little baby into the world. You are an amazing and compassionate and skilled doctor and I don't think this would have been possible without you.”



"Dr. Kong is a very kind, caring and valuable member of my medical support group. I have been a patient of Dr. Kong’s since February, 2000. He considerably eased my lower back pain which was my original complaint. I no longer have lower back pain due to acupuncture. This is the first time in over 8 years that I can move freely without back pain. Western medical science is wonderful but it has been my experience that Acupuncture has given me more relief and longer lasting relief than many prescriptions and other therapies."

Cheryl S.

Alleviating Pain

"After being in a car accident about 18 months ago, I continue to have pain in my shoulder and hip. I generally don't like taking too many pain pills and thought that acupuncture might help. It really did. Dr. Qingchun Kong is an excellent acupuncturist and the results after about 9 weeks of twice-weekly treatments have been quite remarkable. Pain has been greatly reduced, flexibility has improved and even my energy levels are much higher. He has been very helpful and even suggested Chinese herbs (inexpensive) that can help. I'd recommend him to anyone.”

Nicholas K.

Alleviating Pain

“I suffered from facial paralysis with involuntary drooling and sagging mouth, and my eyes wouldn't close so they watered all the time. It was the 2nd time for this paralysis and was very difficult to treat. Other acupuncturists would spend at least 6 months working on this problem. Dr. Kong cured me in 4 treatments!”


Facial Paralysis

“Acupuncture treatment has helped my dizziness very, very much. Most recently, it has been giving me much needed pain relief from the bone spur in my ankle. However, what I find to be most healing is your consistent careful attention and kindness. Your compassion toward both myself and Larraine brings us to consider you as more than a truly gifted doctor: our friend.”


Alleviating Pain

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Kong's help on my 15 year condition of eczema and my 1 year condition of acid reflex. After 1 month of treatment the eczema is completely gone and thanks to your help with the acid reflex disease I barely need to take my traditional medicine. Trained as a medical doctor myself, I was skeptical about acupuncture prior to seeing Dr. Kong. But the efficiency you have demonstrated has completely changed my opinion. I hope this excellent treatment method gains more recognition and benefits more people.”

Crystal Chen, M.D.

Eczema/Acid Reflex

“I have been very pleased with the treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Kong. The acupuncture treatments he has been providing have brought much relief and my condition is continually improving. I have chronic knee condition; it periodically goes out causing various degrees of tissue, ligament, and tendon damage. Traditional doctors have told me there is nothing more that they can do for me. When I visited Dr. Kong, as I left the office, there was no pain and I didn’t limp. I find Dr. Kong to be very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I would highly recommend him."

Dixie R.

Alleviating Pain

“When I came to see Dr. Kong my physical condition was very poor. A herniated disk in my lower back was causing severe sciatica, to the point of no longer being able to participate in physical activities like golf, and struggling through daily activities like getting out of bed, sleeping, riding in a car, or sitting at work. After eleven acupuncture treatments, I am free of pain and able to function normally including, playing golf for the whole last year. Thank you for your dedication, and service in this remarkable form of health care.”

Steve S.

Alleviating Pain

“I want to thank you so much for helping me with my chronic lower back pain. Your treatment has made a big difference in my life. I have now been able to resume swimming and am able to sleep pain-free at night. I had tried many other modalities to try to get relief from this pain, including physical therapy, pain medications and had even considered surgery as the pain continued into its 2nd year and the quality of my life declined. I am glad that I was referred to you because it was the acupuncture, under the guidance of your skilled hands, which, ultimately, set me on the road to recovery.”

C. Underwood, R.N., BSN

Alleviating Pain